$150-Million Expansion Plan Proposed For Onslow County Schools

The Onslow County School Board says they need space for thousands of new students over the next five-years and that means expansions to existing schools, and some brand new ones.

The school board met with commissioners Wednesday who approved their nearly $150-million dollar plan.

The superintendent of Onslow County Schools explained to commissioners that over the next five-years they are expecting an increase of 4,000 students.

Onslow County manager Jeffrey Hudson says, "In terms of what this means for the school system, they're out of space. The voters of Onslow County will actually have the final say so of whether or not the additional debt of $149-million dollars is issued. If that occurs, Onslow County government is estimated to raise property taxes around 6.65 cents per hundred dollars."

The plan includes expanding two elementary schools, a middle school, and building three new ones.

Onslow County hopes to have this plan on the ballot in May,

In addition to the new schools and expansions, nearly $6-million of the $150-million would bring some new safety and security measures to all Onslow County Schools.