Time Capsule Buried Along the Outer Banks

A time capsule was put in the ground on the Outer Banks Wednesday, with instructions to open in the year 2103. The Outer Banks History Center has been collecting items from Dare County's towns and public agencies all year. The capsule was buried at the monument to a Century of Flight. First Flight Rotary Club sponsored the project, which not only contains a cross section of life on the outer banks in the 21st century, but personal contributions from astronaut John Glenn and President George Bush. Oxygen will be pumped out of the time capsule and replaced with argon gas, which is a more stable element. All documents included are on acid-free paper so as not to turn yellow or run. And certain types of common plastics which are known to degrade over time were excluded from the vault.

First flight rotary hopes to enlighten whoever opens the time capsule one hundred years from now about daily life on the Outer Banks as we enjoy it.