Bizarre Twist in Doc Watson Re-Trial

A surprise Tuesday in the first day of witness testimony in the rape retrial of Doc Watson. Before opening statements could begin, a juror was called into question. District Attorney Seth Edwards informed the court that juror number three, 35-year-old Joseph Bernard Morgan, was wanted in Pitt County on federal embezzlement charges. And according to the district attorney, Morgan had also spent time in jail on other charges. Watson's defense attorney, Maynard Harroll, says Morgan had even been a cell mate of Doc Watson. The judge removed Morgan from the jury and authorities say Morgan was later placed under arrest. An alternate juror took Morgan's place. The district attorney says Morgan sent up a few red flags while answering questions during jury selection Monday. As for the trial, both sides began with opening statements, followed by the start of witness testimony Tuesday. The first witness was the victim who answered questions about what she says happened.