Sampley Questions McCain's "War Hero" Status

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A military veteran activist from eastern Carolina is at the center of what some call political mudslinging in the South Carolina primary. It centers around a poster that's being distributed there of Republican Presidential candidate John McCain.

Kinston veteran Ted Sampley is among the veterans responsible for the flyer. And it's getting national attention. It was part of a report Thursday night on NBC Nightly News, and the syndicated show "Inside Edition," used our studios to do a satellite interview with Sampley.

Sampley isn't questioning that McCain was a P.O.W. Sampley claims McCain collaborated with the enemy when he was held captive. Sampley says, "McCain and I have been going at it for about 15 years now and I'm right and he has been sending out people to respond with name calling but in fact if he would just address these issues, they've been going on forever and ever." McCain told NBC News such tactics are harmful and painful.

McCain has also called this all just a smear campaign. Others working for him call the allegations blatant lies. Sampley says he stands behind his claims, and will gladly retract them if McCain can prove them false.