Court Of Inquiry Dealing With "Fog Of War"

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A government attorney says conflicting statements from members of a Marine special operations unit accused of shooting indiscriminately at Afghan civilians and witnesses at the scene are to be expected.

Major Phillip Sanchez said today that that's because the
witnesses are "dealing with the fog of war."

Sanchez is one of several attorneys presenting evidence at a
Court of Inquiry at Camp Lejeune, a rarely used administrative fact-finding panel examining the actions of two officers involved in the March 4 shooting.

Marines in the unit have testified they came under small arms
fire after the bombing, which they said was the initial blow of a
well-planned ambush.

But Afghanistan's Independent Human Rights Commission said last
year the Marines fired indiscriminately in six locations along a
10-mile stretch of road.

The Court of Inquiry is expected to spend all day Friday in
closed session, and more testimony is expected next week.