Eighty Roosters, Metal Spurs Found At Suspected Cockfighting Ring

A noise complaint in Winston-Salem lead authorities to find what they believe was an illegal cockfighting operation.

Forsyth County animal control officers arrested 43-year-old Andres Maganda on Wednesday. He was released from jail after posting $4,500 bond and is scheduled to appear in court February 1.

The county's animal control director, Tim Jennings, said investigators found about 80 caged roosters, some of them injured or dead.

Authorities also found a fighting area with spectator chairs and
10 sets of metal spurs often attached to roosters' legs in
The surviving roosters are still on the property. Maganda has been ordered to care for the animals, and officials plan to make regular checks of the property.

Cockfighting has been a felony in North Carolina since January 2006.