Tiger Attack 911 Tape Released

A 911 recording of the Christmas Day tiger attack in San Francisco has been released.

The caller is one of two brothers who were attacked by the cat
at the San Francisco Zoo. He is heard pleading for help because the
tiger had attacked his brother.

But the dispatcher is heard telling the man that paramedics
couldn't come to the scene until they were sure that they wouldn't
be attacked themselves.

Seconds later, the brother shouts "My brother is about to die
out here!"

The dispatcher asks him to calm down, before the caller asks for
a helicopter because he doesn't see an ambulance.

The call lasted nearly 7 minutes. By the first minute, the tiger
had already killed the caller's friend, 17-year-old Carlos Sousa.
Both brothers suffered serious injuries.

A lawyer for the brothers has said help didn't come for more
than 30 minutes after the attack was first reported.

Zoo officials have said that zoo personnel behaved heroically
during the crisis.