Whales Mysteriously Beached Along the Outer Banks

Officials are now investigating what may have caused over 30 Pilot Whales to beach themselves along the Outer Banks.

Officials with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration say that 31 Pilot Whales died on the sandy shores along the Outer Banks Saturday morning, 7 of which were alive, but had to be euthanized. Officials do believe that there were 2 whales in the surf who were able to swim back out to shore. Officials believe that social animals like whales may beach themselves when one of the whales in the group gets sick. Investigators will take samples to find out which whales were healthy and which were sick, and afterward, the National Park Service will bury the remaining carcasses. Officials say another Minke Whale beached itself near Corolla. Officials do not think these two instances are related. This is the first stranding, since the fisheries department started recording them in 1993.