Plan to Name Jail Stirs Controversy

Naming a new sheriff's department and jail is stirring controversy in Pamlico County. Sheriff Billy Sawyer Junior says he would like to name the facility after former deputy Roger Fulford. The 36-year-old was killed in the line of duty on May 15, 1969 when he attempted to serve a warrant on Jess Davis for selling illegal alcohol. Authorities say that's when Davis opened fire and killed Fulford. An all out gun battle ensued. When it was over Davis and another innocent bystander were dead. The Pamlico County Commissioners tabled the idea of naming the new facility after Fulford. The reason? Fulford was white, Davis and the other victim were black. Pamlico County Commission Chairman Doug Brinson says the potential was there for it to have racial overtones. A final decision will be made in the next few weeks.