Search For Boater Suspended

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The Coast Guard has suspended its search for a Suffolk, Virginia, man whose sailboat was found in the Intracoastal Waterway in eastern Carolina with its motor running.

John Martins' 47-foot sailboat struck another sailboat near
Elizabeth City, about 2:30 Sunday afternoon. When
Martins' sailboat failed to stop, the second boat's operator
contacted the Coast Guard about the incident and reported that no
one appeared to be on Martins' boat.

The Coast Guard suspended its search Monday evening.

Coast Guard officials say Martins' boat was found shortly
afterward in a marsh with the motor running and the sails up.
Martins' wallet was found on board.

Petty Officer Christopher Evanson said Martins' last contact was
a phone conversation with his wife about 1 p.m. before the