Americans Stressed By 9/11Have Higher Heart Disease Rates

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A new report could link the 9/11 terror attacks to an increase in heart disease rates.

Researchers say Americans who said they became anxious and
stressed after the attacks reported higher rates of heart disease
up to three years later. Some people reporting the higher rates say
they were stressed just watching the collapse of the twin towers on

The research showed that before September 11th, about 22 percent
of the participants reported they had heart ailments. Three years
after the attacks, about 31 percent of them said they'd developed
heart problems.

People who said they were acutely stressed by the attacks were
more than twice as likely to have high blood pressure one year
after the attacks, and more than three times as likely to have
heart problems two years after the attacks.

The study is in January's issue of the journal Archives of
General Psychiatry.