Tension in Race Heating Up

The battle for State Agriculture Commissioner between Republican Steve Troxler and Democrat Britt Cobb continues.

Troxler announced Wednesday that he hopes to provide a judge with a list of affidavits from Carteret County voters, who voted for him in the November election. Troxler says he's doing this in an effort to prove it would be impossible for his opponent, Democrat Britt Cobb, to pass his current lead of 2287 votes he holds in the race.

A spokesperson for Cobb's campaign says the state board has made their decision, and what Troxler is trying to do is quote "un-American." Troxler says he just wants things to end fairly.

Monday in court, a Superior Court judge will re-examine the State Board of Elections decision to hold another statewide election. They will also hear Troxler's appeal against a statewide election.