Were They the Intended Targets or Just Innocent Bystanders?

A night out after a high school basketball game turned violent as gunshots rang out at a local Burger King.

Greenville police say that at around 10:30 Tuesday night, between 50 to 60 people were in the Burger King parking lot on North Memorial Drive in Greenville when one of those people fired 13 shots at a car. That car contained five high school students, including 18-year-old Xavier Jamaal Brown and 17-year-old Jerome Birth who were shot.

The group of kids had just left a basketball game at North Pitt High school. Xavier's mom says she's lucky to have her son alive and at home. Amazingly, Xavier drove himself home after being shot from where his parents accompanied him to the hospital.

Greenville police say the gunman is still on the loose, and anyone with information about this case is asked to call the Crimestoppers hotline.