Nutty E-Bay Auction (updated)

A Halifax County man has the latest E-Bay craze auction item up for bid out of his home in Roanoke Rapids. After seeing items like a grilled cheese sandwich in which some saw an image of the Virgin Mary up for bid on the E-Bay web-site, Clayton Hershner came up with an idea he though would make him enough money to pay for his son's entire college tuition. Just over a week ago he drew faces on two-year-old walnuts that had been aging in a jar in his home, and put them up for auction on E-Bay.

Right now the highest bid on this nutty trio he calls the Nutty Buddies (click to view auction) is $1,025. Not enough say Clayton to pay for his son's tuition- which was the original goal, but certainly enough for a good laugh! The nuts are up for grabs until Friday.