Highway 264 Baby Called "Snow Angel"

A Washington couple who gave birth to a baby girl on Highway 264 in Pitt County during the worst of the snowstorm early Monday morning is calling their new bundle of joy a "Snow Angel." And Jerry and Jennifer Sneed say there's good reason.

They say it was along the same roadway their five-year old son D.J. was killed nearly a year ago. Ironically, Jennifer says D.J. was buried during the last snowstorm of the year last winter. Their daughter Madison, weighing in at six pounds and twelve ounces, was born during this season's first snowstorm.

Jerry, who was driving his wife to Pitt County Memorial Hospital, had to pull their SUV over to help her give birth to Madison until paramedics arrived. Jennifer says, "It still seems like it's just a big blur that it all happened so quick that sometimes I still have to look at her and realize what really happened."

Jennifer and Madison were expected to be released from the hospital Tuesday night.