Huckabee & Obama Win Iowa

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Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee is one step closer to winning the Republican presidential nomination. He has won the Iowa caucuses.

Illinois SenatorBarack Obama won on the Democrat side.

Huckabee, the Baptist preacher turned politician was bolstered by the support of evangelical Christians. He defeated former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney despite being outspent by tens of millions of dollars. Huckabee also went against his advisers in the campaign's final days by scrapping negative TV commercials against Romney.

Meanwhile, Obama has taken the first step toward becoming
the Democratic nominee in the race for the White House in his bid
to become the nation's first black president. Obama eased past
rivals Hillary Clinton and John Edwards.

Democrat John Edwards came in second behind Obama. He says the results show that voters are choosing change over the status

Edwards says he'll campaign vigorously in New Hampshire. Edwards says he was "grotesquely outspent " and that his finish was good under the circumstances.