Updated: School District Reacts To Mother Possibly Suing School System Following Stabbing

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The Pitt County school district is responding to a story we first brought you Thursday night about a possible lawsuit over a school stabbing.

The mother of Reeketa Haddock says she plans to sue Pitt County schools for what she calls negligence. Jackie Haddock says she believes Ayden Middle School didn't do enough to stop another 15 year old from attacking her daughter in December.

The school system contends the teacher had no idea the student planned to stab Reeketa when she left the classroom. Haddock claims because the teacher did not give permission to the student to leave that classroom, the school should be held responsible.

School spokeswoman Heather Mayo says, "We certainly believe the family has the right to pursue any avenues that they feel is necessary and looking back and reviewing the case, we do believe our staff acted appropriately and did follow the protocol and procedures in the place to respond to the situation. With that said, now that she has indicated the family intends to file suit against the school system with possible litigation against our system, we can't really release any more information."

Original Story:

A Pitt County woman says she may sue the school system after her daughter was stabbed at school.

Jackie Haddock's daughter Rekeeta is recovering after police say another student stabbed her last month at Ayden Middle school.

Haddock says she talked to the school board's attorney, Rob Sonnenberg, and says he told her the school isn't responsible for what happened to Rekeeta. But Jackie claims the school could have done more to minimize the assault.

Heather Mayo with Pitt County Schools says Sonneberg spoke to Haddock over phone Wednesday. During the conversation he says she told him she would sue the school system. But when he invited her to come in to talk he says, she declined to speak further.

Haddock says her daughter has been through a lot and wants something for her pain and suffering and has contacted a lawyer who plans to review her case.