Chicago, NYC See The Lowest Number Of Homicides In More Than 40 Years

Chicago and New York are on track to close out 2007 with the lowest number of homicides in more than four decades.

So far this year, New York has had 488 slayings, compared to 596
in 2006.

Numbers have been plummeting since 1990, when homicides in the
city reached an all-time high of 2,245. Experts attribute the
decline to computerized tracking of crime trends and to the
strategic placement of police officers in high-crime areas.

In Chicago, officials have logged 435 slayings this year. In
early part of the decade, the police often reported more than 600
killings a year. Officials credit improvement to their tough stance
on gangs, guns and drugs.

Those same factors are being blamed for increases in murders in
other cities like Atlanta and Miami.

Earlier this year, Baltimore was headed toward its bloodiest
year in nearly a decade, but the violence eased up after a new
police commissioner took office. The city has logged 280 homicides
this year.