Fourteen Year Old Tries To Break Popcorn Sales Records

Anthony Aldrich II can already claim to be the king of popcorn salesmen in the Boy Scouts after leading the nation in sales last year.

Now the 14-year-old wants to become the first to do it two
straight years.

Aldrich sold more than $19,000 worth of gourmet popcorn last
year. Now the freshman at Myers Park High School in Charlotte is
trying to sell $23,000 worth of microwave popcorn by midnight
Monday. That's the cutoff for this year's fundraising competition.

Aldrich hit the $22,000 mark Saturday by selling to tailgaters
in downtown Charlotte for the Carolina Panthers' game against the
Dallas Cowboys.

Popcorn sales help fund local Scout councils for various
projects. Top-selling Scouts can earn prizes and get money applied
to a college scholarship fund.