New Laws For 2008

With the New Year, North Carolina ushers in several new state laws passed by the legislature this year.

Topping the list, you won't be able to light up in any state-owned building. State employees and visitors will have to smoke outside come January 1st. The ban includes buildings that are leased by the state as well. The law also allows local governments to ban smoking in their buildings, though none here in Eastern Carolina have voted to do so yet.

On January 1st, county jails must ask everyone arrested for a felony or DWI whether they are legal residents of the United States. It will still be up to the Feds to deport the prisoner or not.

Beer bottles will turn green on New Years Day. Bars and restaurants will now have to submit a recycling plan if they want to get a state alcohol permit.

And state office seekers will have to confess up about their past. Brought on by the Jim Black scandal, those running for public office will now have to answer whether they have been convicted before of a felony. A wrong answer itself is also a felony.