Drew Peterson Attorney In Greenville

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One of the attorney's for former Illinois police officer Drew Peterson, suspected in his wife Stacey's disappearance, is spending some time in Greenville.

Attorney Reem Odeh is spending time with family in Greenville during the holidays. She says, "Drew is being charged and convicted by the media and I think it is unfair, that's not right. I think he is a very nice guy, tough guy, very good family man. I've seen him with his children and I've seen how his family comes first and foremost and that probably why he is not being very polished on the news. As of now there is really no case, It's still an investigation because there haven't been any charges. I feel very confident Mr. Peterson will not be charged"

The 53 year-old Peterson resigned from his police department position after being named a suspect in his wife's disappearance. Stacey, who is 23, vanished October 28.