"Black History In The East"

As WITN continues its series on "Black History in the East," our next stop takes us to Edgecombe County, where a local artist creates a portrait of a black pioneer and makes history while doing it. The artist's creation, a portrait of George Henry White who is known for his work for civil rights, voter education, and efforts against the Jim Crow laws, is the first of it's kind in the state. According to the President of the Phoenix Historical Society, this will be the first the first black American face to adorn any courthouse in North Carolina. The creator, Robersonville native Richard Wilson, says the painting was only possible because of the man on the canvas. The portrait of White will be on display at the Blount-Bridgers House until February 28. It will then be hung inside courthouse to honor him. Until then, you can get a virtual look at Richard Wilson's creations online at www.wilsonfinearts.com.