NC DMV Releases Findings About Licenses Issued With Wrong Social Security Number

The state Division of Motor Vehicles has found only 3,581 driver's licenses with incorrect Social Security numbers among the 6.5 million licenses issued statewide.

The DMV also said Wednesday it found another 16,000 driver's
licenses currently expired or suspended that were issued despite
inconsistent Social Security information.

The data was collected during an eight-month analysis following
a state audit released in March. The audit identified nearly 27,000
driver's license applications that did not match up with Social
Security numbers on file at the Social Security Administration.

The DMV said Wednesday that some of the questionable
documentation could be cases of data entry errors, changed names or
times when applicants provided false Social Security numbers.

The DMV said it plans to send a letter to drivers with
questionable licenses to verify their authenticity.