Man Pleads Guilty To Second-Degree Murder In Shooting Death

Prosecutors are calling it a straightforward case of vigilante action, and it's led to a guilty plea on a second-degree murder charge.

John Tyner pleaded guilty on Friday in Forsyth County Superior Court, admitting responsibility in part for the June 13, 2006 death of Johnny Dee Ford Jr.

Prosecutors said Tyner was drunk and angry over being called in the middle of the night. They said he took a gun and a had a friend drive him to chase away drug users from his mother's house.

Tyner told the court there was no reason to go to his mother's house with a gun, but he said there was no reason for Ford to be at the house as well.

The judge sentenced Tyner to 15 to 19 years in prison. Ford's father urged the punishment, but said he was disappointed by the second-degree murder plea.