Army General Being Investigated For Actions In Marine & Army Shootings

A Turkish soldier patrols the area near the Turkey-Iraq border, in the province of Sirnak, southeast Turkey, Sunday, Oct. 28, 2007. Turkey's top military commander has promised to make Iraq-based Kurdish rebels "grieve with an intensity that they cannot imagine," while the prime minister said his nation would fight "when needed," regardless of international pressure. (AP Photo/Darko Bandic)
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The Pentagon is investigating whether an Army general acted appropriately after a Marine-involved shooting in Afghanistan that left as many as 19 civilians dead.

Lieutenant General Francis Kearney III pulled the Marine special
forces unit from Camp Lejeune out of Afghanistan after the March
shooting that injured as many as 50 civilians.

A second incident being reviewed involves two Fort Bragg-based
Army Green Berets, who are charged with premeditated murder in the
killing of an Afghan man last year.

An official says the Defense Department's inspector general will
determine whether Kearny's actions implied the troops were guilty
and influenced legal proceedings.

The review comes just two months after Third District Republican
congressman Walter Jones wrote Defense Secretary Robert Gates and urged "a thorough investigation" of Kearney's actions.

Jones complained Kearney directed that premeditated murder
charges be brought against two Army soldiers in connection with the
Afghan shooting even though they were exonerated by the Army's
Criminal Investigation Command.