ECU Chancellor Now Says He Did Know About Holland Aid To Brother

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East Carolina University Chancellor Steve Ballard said Friday that he was wrong when he reported earlier that he did not read an e-mail about a scholarship and job for a relative of ECU Athletics Director Terry Holland.

In a release from the university, Ballard says, "It turns out that not only did I read the e-mail, but I also replied to it. The e-mail did not ask for approval for the arrangement, but it is clear from my response that I did not reject the idea. I deeply regret any confusion or erroneous conclusions that my mistake caused. I truly did not remember having seen the e-mail from 16 months ago."

ECU says Holland sent the e-mail on August 22, 2006, referring to an arrangement that would provide financial assistance and a job in the athletics department for his relative, a non-athlete student at ECU. Holland canceled that arrangement, effective September 30, 2007, and on December 5 gave the university a check for $25,000 to cover the total amount of financial assistance and salary that the relative had received.

Ballard says he has apologized to Holland and gave him a personal check for $12,500 to share in returning the funds to the university.