Student Charged With Stabbing Another At Ayden Middle School

Authorities say an eighth grader stabbed a sixth grader in a classroom at Ayden Middle School in Pitt County just after eight Friday morning.

School officials say the eighth grade girl left her classroom, went to the sixth grade girl's classroom, called out her name and stabbed her.

A student in the classroom who witnessed the attack says the victim was stabbed at least twice in the chest area. The student tells WITN News they heard the victim scream and other students ran out of the classroom.

The Pitt County Sheriff's Office says both the students are 15 years old. Deputies say the 8th grader is charged with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill.

Chief of Detectives Lee Moore tells WITN that two of the wounds were "pretty serious" to the girl's chest and three others were superficial stab wounds. Moore says the suspect used a 10 inch steak knife, that she hid under her clothes to get into school.

The victim was taken to Pitt County Memorial Hospital where she is listed in good condition.

The suspect is in juvenile custody.