Family Of Fallen Marine Allowed To Adopt His Dog

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A military working dog, once based at Camp Lejeune, will finally be adopted by the family of a fallen Marine.

The adoption of Lex seemed stalled until North Carolina Congressman Walter Jones stepped in on behalf of the family.

Corporal Dustin Lee, the dog's handler, was killed by a rocket-propelled grenade March 21st.

Lee's family wanted to adopt Lex, but met with a lot of red tape. Lex spent several months recovering from his his own injuries at Camp Lejeune and has since been reassigned to the Marine Logistics Base in Albany, Georgia.

This week the family was sent adoption papers and they hope to pick up Lex on December 21st, the 10 month anniversary of Lee's death.

This is the first time any military dog handler's family has been approved to adopt a military working dog.