Commissioners Oppose Tax Dollars To Subsidize Illegal Immigrants At Community Colleges

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The debate over using state tax dollars to subsidize the education of illegal immigrants at community colleges took center stage at the Beaufort County commissioner meeting Wednesday.

By a vote of 4 to 3 down party lines, a resolution will now be drawn up by the board to prohibit any state funds in North Carolina from being used to subsidize educating illegal immigrants. The proposal was brought to the board by commissioner Stan Deatherage.

Deatherage estimates that about 10 million dollars in state funding will be used next year to educate illegal immigrants in community colleges.

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Another twist in the ongoing debate over allowing illegal immigrants to attend community colleges across the state.

One commissioner in eastern Carolina wants to make sure state tax dollars aren't used for that education.

Beaufort County commissioner Stan Deatherage says illegals don't have the right to use services of U.S. citizens . At Wednesday's meeting he plans to introduce a resolution opposing any subsidy using state tax dollars to educate illegal immigrants at community colleges. Community college officials couldn't say how much money that is. Deatherage estimates it's around ten million dollars a year statewide...

Santiago Guerrero owns a Mexican convenience store in Beaufort County. He believes illegal immigrants should have the same education opportunities as legal citizens. Guerrero says, "They got a good chance to do something and show that they can do things good."

Jose Mendoza is an instructor at Beaufort Community College. He believes that illegal immigrants can help society saying, "There are many brains, very good brains that can help the economy in North Carolina.

Deatherage's bottom line..." People should not be in our country illegally and we've got to start here at the local level to enforce this."