A One Time Illegal Immigrant Speaks Out About How She Got An Education In Eastern Carolina

The debate about undocumented immigrants attending community college has mixed reviews. Some say it's not right to allow them to attend school, even if they pay more. Others say it would be discrimination if they're not.

For Lourdes Billagran, it was her only chance to make a difference for her family. She tells us, she didn't know how to speak English when she first came to the United States in 1995, but she had a degree from Mexico she couldn't use in the states.

So she enrolled into the Lenoir Community College to learn English and get a degree, now she is a teacher for the head start program in Snow Hill. She says although she didn't have her citizenship at the time, she is glad could still get her degree and hopes others could do the same.

Lourdes now is a United States citizen who says she paid to attend classes at the community college, a fee which is more than three times the amount in-state students pay.