Blackwater Protesters Convicted In Currituck County

Seven people who protested the killing of Iraqis have been convicted of trespassing at the headquarters of private security contractor Blackwater Worldwide.

The protesters said they were convicted Wednesday at a trial in
Currituck County. One of those convicted said a judge cleared the
courtroom of both the public and reporters after the first person
was convicted.

Steve Baggerly said he and the other protesters were given
suspended sentences of between 10 and 45 days and fines between
$100 and $450. Baggerly said they have appealed because of the
judge's decision to hold the trial in private.

Judge Edgar Barnes did not immediately return calls seeking
comment. North Carolina Press Association executive director Beth
Grace said the group's counsel will be reviewing situation.

A Blackwater spokeswoman did not immediately return a call
seeking comment.