Career Criminal Heads Back To Prison

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A New Bern man is headed back to prison.

Forty-year-old Coyt Bryant was sentenced in federal court in Greenville Tuesday, to 16 years in prison.

Bryant originally served time for a drive-by shooting. He had also been convicted on felony drug charges, as well as aggravated assault and attempted burglary charges, spanning back to the early 90s.

Bryant served his time for those crimes. Then in August 2004, New Bern police officers found Bryant with a Mossburg 12-gauge shotgun. It was the same weapon Bryant used in the drive-by shooting.

In May of this year, Bryant pleaded guilty to being a felon in possession of a firearm. Tuesday, he was sentenced under the federal Armed Career Criminal Act, which requires at least 15 years in prison without parole for criminals with three or more prior violent or drug trafficking felony convictions.