Anson Dorrance Sexual Harassment Trial Set For April 7

Sexual Assault Graphic

A sexual harassment lawsuit against the University of North Carolina women's soccer coach is scheduled to go before a jury on April 7th of next year.

Former player Melissa Jennings accuses her former coach, Anson Dorrance, of sexually harassing players on the team. She says that environment violated Title IX by denying her the benefits of collegiate sports.

Jennings first filed suit in 1998. A federal judge dismissed the case in 2004, but the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals sent the case back for a jury trial.

Dorrance is still coaching the Tar Heels and has led the team to 19 national championships since 1979.

He has denied harassing his players but acknowledged in an apology letter that he participated in sexual banter of a "jesting or teasing nature" with groups of players.