Blackwater Probe Continues

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An unidentified witness returned Tuesday to a federal grand jury as prosecutors continued their investigation into North Carolina-based Blackwater Worldwide.

Blackwater is the government contractor whose security guards
were involved in a shooting that killed 17 Iraqi civilians in

The witness is one of three men who have testified before the
grand jury. He first testified last week, and just like his
previous appearance, neither he nor his lawyer would identify him
to reporters.

The witness also spent time in a closed-door hearing with Chief
Judge Thomas F. Hogan, who settles issues such as whether witnesses can be forced to testify. After the hearing, the witness returned to the grand jury room.

The Justice Department says it likely will be months before it
decides whether it can prosecute the guards. For now, the
department is trying now to pinpoint how many shooters in the
Blackwater convoy could face charges.