Several Attacks on Women in Washington Area Have Been Reported

A series of assaults in Washington has prompted law enforcement to step up patrols and issue safety tips to the community. Lawmen believe one male suspect is responsible for attacks on several different women in the Washington area. Police say women traveling alone are victims of attacks that occurred at Pamlico Plaza, Washington Square Mall, near the old K-Mart Shopping Center and the Washington waterfront. Officials say all incidents happened inside businesses, except the attack on the waterfront.

Lawmen offer the following tips: First, when leaving from a building to a parked vehicle, or when exercising outside, stay aware of your surroundings and the people around you. This includes not listening to portable radios, CDs, MP3 players or other devices or talking on cell phones. Second, wear or carry a whistle to use to signal for help if needed and do not talk or respond to strangers that speak to or request items from you. Third, always walk or run with a group or partner when exercising after dark or before sunrise and stay in well lit areas. And when walking or running along streets, wear light colored and reflective clothing and lights on clothing so you can be seen by passing vehicles.