Dean Of American Preachers Reflects On Career

The Reverend Gardner C. Taylor is winding down his life's work.

At age 89, he's giving away books and gathering some 2,000 copies of his sermons for an archive. He's sent his Presidential Medal of Freedom to an Atlanta school for display.

For his many admirers, Taylor is a role model and living link to 20th century African-American history.

The grandson of slaves, he overcame the segregated South to earn a bachelor's degree.

Taylor used his eloquence and deep knowledge of Scripture to move easily among white Christians when it was unusual for a black American to do so. He was a confidant of the Reverend Martin Luther King Junior.
Now, he's both eager and scared about preaching. Despite a
lifetime of achievements, he hopes not to mar the face of what he's
trying to do or say because he's physically weaker.