Building Homes Closer To the Ocean -- Good or Bad?

An area in Emerald Isle called the pointe is notorious for beach erosion.

The entire is area lined with dozens upon dozens of sandbags, homes inching towards the sea.

Emerald Isle resident Wilma Nelson knows all to well about erosion. Her boat dock is literally in the ocean, much of it eroded away. But seven years ago her dock had a long path to the water.

Nelson opposes a policy shift that would allow towns to build homes closer to the ocean. The issue is being discussed this week at a coastal resource commission conference in Greenville.

Her town manager, Frank Rush, proposed the rule change because current rules prevent development beyond a certain distance from the first line of vegetation that is being nourished by bringing in sand.

The new rule would allow towns with beach nourishment programs to apply for an exception. For towns to qualify, they would need a thirty year beach nourishment plan, and the money to fund it.