Baby Bones Found In Home of Suspected Child Abuser

Police investigating a possible case of child abuse have found the skeletal remains of another baby concealed in the ceiling of a Detroit home.

The parents of a 1-year-old boy were arrested Friday after his
mother took him to the hospital with burns. She told authorities
the boy was scalded the day before Thanksgiving by her boyfriend,
the child's father.

Authorities say the boy was severely abused, with burns over
one-third of his body. He's hospitalized in fair condition.

Police say the woman later told them that her boyfriend had
killed another son in March of last year. The boyfriend says the
child died of natural causes.

Authorities say the couple admit burning the baby's body in a
barbecue grill -- to save on funeral costs -- and hiding the
remains in the ceiling of a home once occupied by the boyfriend's

Authorities say further investigation will determine whether to
charge the couple in the baby's death.