Blackwater Investigation Slowed

Bureaucracy appears to be slowing the criminal investigation into North Carolina-based Blackwater Worldwide.

At the center of the problem is a struggle between the State and
Justice departments. It's a battle between Bush administration
officials over the probe into whether Blackwater smuggled weapons
into Iraq that could have gotten into insurgents' hands.

As a result, the investigation has been bogged down for months.

In one instance, the State Department's top auditor wasn't happy
when Justice Department officials told one of his aides to leave
the room so they could discuss the Blackwater probe.

Blackwater calls the smuggling allegations baseless. But earlier
this year, two former Blackwater employees pleaded guilty to
possession of stolen firearms that were shipped in interstate or
foreign commerce. They are cooperating with federal agents.
Blackwater said the two were fired after it was learned they were
stealing from the company.