Traffic Stop Turns Violent

Pitt County officials say a traffic stop turned violent early Sunday morning near the town of Bethel.

Bethel Police say a man driving on Highway 11 was stopped for running a stop sign around 5:45 Sunday morning. Officers say they asked the driver, 31 year old Sergio Estupinin to search his car, when Sergio threw a kilo of cocaine at the officer. Sergio then tried to get back in his car and run over the officer. Police say the officer fired several rounds into the car, which prompted Sergio to run into the woods where he escaped. Bethel Police and Pitt County Sheriff's officials are investigating the case, and are currently trying to locate Sergio Estupinin. Once caught, Sergio will be charged with attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon on a government officer, and numerous drug charges. If you know his whereabouts please contact your local law enforcement. Police do not believe that Sergio was shot.