After Thanksgiving Traffic Is The Busiest Travel Day Of The Year

All those Thanksgiving travelers got back on the road to head home Sunday, which makes this the busiest travel day of the year, According to The Bureau of Transportation.

Motorists in Greenville prepared to get out of town and back home this afternoon.

Traffic towards Highway 264 was light in early the afternoon hours.

One motorist we spoke to from Charlotte gassed up before hitting the highway.

He says as he hauls his camper on the back of his truck, he's always mindful of the hazards on the road and only because of the holiday traffic.
"And then with the weather being like it is you got to watch out for other motorists," says Michael Anderson, " and then pulling g the camper-making sure you keep a safe distance between each vehicle."

It was expected close to 39 million people were planning to drive 50 miles or more away from home this Thanksgiving.