Recalled Aqua Dots Advertisements Still Circulating

A popular but dangerous toy called Aqua Dots was recalled last month. However, the fliers advertising the toy, were not.

The toy was yanked because the small parts are coated in a chemical that caused irrational behavior, among other problems in children when swallowed. But the store fliers in some Sunday newspapers were not yanked and is advertising the product for sale.

And because of the toys popularity before it was recalled, it could show up in advertising circulars for the next couple of weeks. Store circulars are distributed weeks in advance.

Nine children in the u-s and three in Australia have become sick because of Aqua Dots.

Ingesting the beads, coated with "date-rape" drug gamma hydroxy butyrate (G-H-B), could cause breathing problems, loss of consciousness, seizures, drowsiness, coma and death.