The Importance of Harvey Point

Wednesday night on WITN-7 News at Six, Alan Covey wrapped up his three part special report looking at the secret Department of Defense base in Perquimans County known as Harvey Point.

More has become known about the base in recent years since the death of a former Camp Lejeune marine who left the Corps to join the Central Intelligence Agency in 1999.

Johnny "Mike" Spann became an elite, covert warrior in the war on terrorism in Afghanistan where he was killed. Spann got his training at Harvey point, like so many others since the 1960s. Spann and his CIA partner were interrogating prisoners, including American Taliban, John Walker Lindh, when Spann was killed as those prisoners attacked. And, in a first, the CIA openly confirmed an agent's death.

Doctor Bruce Hoffman, a terror war expert, told Raleigh's international spy conference that agents like Spann are winning that battle. He says the evidence is that nearly three years after 9/11, there hasn't been another major attack in the United States, and that's entirely a credit to the people laboring behind the scenes, to keep this country safe in places like Harvey Point.