Unveiling the Secrecy of Harvey Point

One of America's most secretive places in the war on terrorism is right here in Eastern Carolina. Experts say the Harvey Point defense testing activity near Hertford is helping win the war. But few people know what's going on inside the base, which has been in Perquiman's County since World War Two.

Harvey Point started to expand after the 9-11 attacks, with neighbors often hearing explosions and small arms firing and see blacked out aircraft flying into an airstrip that doesn't exist on North Carolina's aviation maps. Even regional experts, like Bernie Reeves say the government won't reveal those secrets. He says North Carolina has all kinds of connections and rivulets to all these agencies.

Thursday night at 6 p.m., in the final part of an investigation of Harvey Point, our Senior Reporter Alan Covey will explain how the death of a former Marine Corps officer from Camp Lejeune who joined the C.I.A. has peeled back the veil of secrecy surrounding that base.