Thanksgiving Calories Add Up

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Planning to stuff yourself on Thanksgiving? Experts want you to rethink that idea.

They are advising Americans not to throw good habits out the
window on Thanksgiving and into the holiday season. Instead, they
want you to choose carefully, eat slowly, and savor.

The man who directs the University of North Carolina
Interdisciplinary Obesity Center says studies have shown that
seasonal weight gain can be significant -- up to 10 pounds.

He says it would take 27 minutes of walking to burn the 97
calories in an 8-ounce serving of cola. A really fast mile would
burn 125 calories.

But that barely dents the 2,000 to 3,000 calories in an average
Thanksgiving meal. Some experts suggest a plan of deciding ahead of
time what can and cannot be eaten.

Three ounces of white turkey meat is only 130 calories, but a
serving of sweet potato casserole is 330 calories; stuffing is 107;
a slice of pumpkin pie is more than 300, while a piece of pecan pie
is 500 calories.