Error From NC Company Invalidates Reading Scores

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Federal officials say the reading scores of U.S. students on an international test are being tossed out due to a problem with how a North Carolina company printed the test.

The problem stems from a printing error made by RTI
International, the federal contractor hired to give the U.S.
version of the test. The printing mistake made the test confusing
by telling students to view the "opposite" page, though the
information was not found there.

Scores on the Program for International Student Assessment are
due out next month. Fifteen-year-olds in more than 50 countries
took the test, which focused on science this time but included math
and reading questions.

Mark Schneider of the National Center for Education Statistics
says only the reading portion is being set aside, and only for U.S.
students. Schneider says the test was taken last fall, but the
problem was not discovered until this past summer when the test
results were being analyzed.