Boy Celebrating 13th Birthday Killed In Hunting Accident

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A 13-year-old boy has died following an accidental shooting that occurred during a hunting trip to mark the sixth-grader's birthday.

William Andrews Reynolds was fatally wounded when a .410-guage
shotgun slipped from his grip and went off. He was taken to a hospital Saturday but died that night.

William's mother, Lucy Huffman Reynolds, says she wanted her son
to wait until his 13th birthday so he was old enough to abide by hunting safety rules.

She says he shot a squirrel earlier this month in Burke County but wanted to get a larger one, so she let him go hunting with her friend.

His mother says she was told William was driving a golf cart. When it hit a bump, he let go of the gun to grab the wheel but the gun slipped, hit the back of the cart and went off.