Officials: There are Nearly 90 Homeless Students In Pitt County Schools

They started with literature written by Jonathan Swift and a misconception about poverty in Pitt County.

Leigh Ann Cobb-King is a third-year teacher at Farmville Central High School. She held class discussion earlier this year on "A Modest Proposal," by Jonathan Swift.

It's a satirical pamphlet published in 1729 that suggests eating children ages 1-12 years and hunting those 12-15 years for game to help ease the effects of the Irish famine.

The discussion led to clarity after one student in Cobb-King's honors class suggested that such poverty did not exist in Pitt County.

The teacher informed the student that there was such a problem in the county, and that their fellow classmates were affected.

From there, students and teacher organized a yard sale held Saturday and a benefit concert scheduled for Monday to help their homeless classmates.

Officials say there are nearly 90 homeless students attending Pitt County schools.