Soup Kitchen Depends On Food Bank And Donations To Help The Needy

Soup Kitchen

The JOY soup kitchen also benefits from the generous help of the Food Bank, but say they depend on donations from the public as well.

Last Thanksgiving, they served 400 meals, thanks to donated canned goods and even turkeys. But the cupboards started to go bare after organizers say they saw an increase in the number of people coming in everyday for a hot meal.

"oh's awful. People are bringing their families in. You used to see one would come in now they're bringing their children in because that, one meal help them stretch their food stamps that get'em." says Barbara Taft Director of The JOY Soup Kitchen, 'Some don't even get food stamps. Some don't even qualify. I don't know the qualification for them to do that but it's really hard."

Taft says she's received a few turkeys for this thanksgiving and tells us she's hopeful to have enough by this Thursday, when they're serve their annual dinner starting at 11am.