Eminent Domain Case Leaves Surry County Family Homeless

A Superior Court judge says Donald and Faye Terrell have to leave their 95-acre farm so Surry County officials can expand the county landfill.

The judge says the Terrells must leave their farm by Nov. 28, but 69-year-old Donald Terrell says he's not leaving.

Faye Terrell says she and her husband have nowhere to go.

Friday's ruling orders the Terrells to pay rent on the property from the time it was purchased by the county under eminent domain until now at a rate of 450 dollars a month, or a total of more than 2,800 dollars.

It must be paid within two weeks. In June, the couple asked to remain on the property until they could build another house nearby. Commissioners made an offer to let the Terrells stay rent free for up to 24 months, but the offer was contingent on the couple agreeing to a purchase price of 653,000 dollars.

But the couple said they were not interested.

The Terrells say the land and buildings are worth more than a million dollars.